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Culinary Herb Blends
               &Dip Mixes

Fresh, Delicious, Easy to Use Herb Blends

          Our all natural hand mixed herb blends are made from our own original recipes. They are easy to use, and contain no MSG, additives or preservatives. They contain no salt or sugar, except where indicated.
          We use only the freshest, and finest ingredients, blend them carefully, and pack them to maintain maximum freshness. Included with all products are recipes, or hints for their use.
          All of our Dips and Herb Blends are available in:
  • Single Pack Polybags
  • Bulk - 8 times single package
  • Bulk - 16 times single package
  • Bailwire Jars
           We also offer:
  • Do it Yourself Gourmet Herbs
  • Gourmet Crockery & Gift Sets
  • Soup and Pasta Salad Mixes
  • Gourmet Spicy Delights

Closed January and February.
Will be shipping orders in March.
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